Remembering AvalonRemembering Avalon: Growing up in the 1940s & 50s
is a group memoir where fifteen people write about aspects of their Avalon childhood in the days of few phones and cars, many koalas in the trees and canes at school – and no TV, mobiles or internet.
ISBN 9780958709552
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The AstorThe Astor, winner of a National Trust Heritage Award with art works, original research and stories of people as individual as the 1923 heritage building itself. This book will be a rewarding, enjoyable experience for you and a perfect gift for others. The name says it all.
ISBN 0958709548
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Maybanke Anderson: Sex, suffrage & social reformMaybanke Anderson: Sex, suffrage & social reform. Maybanke Anderson, a leading Australian thinker and worker across many fields and a household name for decades, was brought back to life by this book.Now in its second edition, her readable, well-reviewed biography continues to win a place in many hearts.
ISBN 0958709505
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Maybanke: A Woman's VoiceMaybanke, a Woman’s Voice: the Collected Work of Maybanke-Selfe-Wolstenholme-Anderson 1845-1927 is the companion book to her biography.It brings together the published and unpublished work of one of Australia’s most inspirational women on topics like the need for the woman’s vote, free kindergartens and federation. This award-winning book is ‘invaluable…a great resource for scholars in Women’s Studies, cultural studies and political science…an intrinsic delight.’ ISBN 095870953X Find out more
Arthur Murch: An Artist's Life 1902 - 1989Arthur Murch: An Artist’s Life 1902-1989, by Ria Murch. Of this beautiful book the critic Robin Wallace-Crabbe wrote, ‘An Artist’s Life’ is a must for people interested in 20th century Australian art. It is charmingly written, elegantly produced, valuable.’
Stocks are low. ISBN 0958709513
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Voices from a Lost WorldVoices from a Lost World: Australian women and children in Papua New Guinea before the Japanese invasion.
Thousands of copies have been sold, there will not be a second edition, so don’t delay, order today!
ISBN 1864290714.
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Maybanke Anderson's Story of PittwaterMaybanke Anderson’s Story of Pittwater
ISBN 0646272829
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Avalon Landscape & HarmonyAvalon Landscape & Harmony
ISBN 0958709521
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